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  2. Hopefully soon, we will run the Arma 3 Section! FeelsGoodMan
  3. Name: Sean Deltare Date: 1/23/2018 What are you Suggesting (Pictures (if Possible), Link)? Adding the V-44X (Infantry Transport) to the helicopter shop either at Rebel, Airport, or both. Explain what exactly it is: The Blackfish (Infantry Transport) is a large tilt-rotor aircraft included in the Apex DLC. It is VTOL capable and is considerably faster and more maneuverable than the Huron, with a comparable troop capacity. Why do you think we should implement this? It would make a good alternative to the Huron as it isn't quite as clumsy to fly, plus it can fly like an airplane once up to a proper speed. The vehicle transport version likely won't work with non-Arma vehicles, which is why I suggested the basic infantry version. It is balanced by it's size, which limits the ability to land in confined areas like a Hummingbird can. It should have a similar trunk capacity to the Huron, but should be more expensive due to it's better handling in the air. This aircraft style is a favorite of mine in the Arma series. Thank you for considering adding this.
  4. Name: Josh Green™ Current Faction (Civ/EMS/PD): SO Timezone: EST How long have you been a member: 1 week Why do you want to join the H4VOK Network Staff Team: I want to join the staff team because I really enjoy helping people out any way I can, I enjoy being staff and helping people with anything that I can. What are your two main strengths and weaknesses: My main strengths are that I am very active and calm under pressure. My weakness is that I do have kinda short temper but its controlled most of the time. What do you think the staff team could do differently or improve on: I think the staff team could be a little bit more organized with the descriptions of what rank can do what and what rank cant do what. Do you have any experience as staff, if so list where and at what rank: Yeah, I have a lot of experience as staff on many other servers up to the rank of owner. I was a Senior Support on life studios before I resigned What can you bring to the H4VOK Network Staff Team: I can bring my many hours and knowledge of staff on many servers to help better the server and staff team. I am also active for countless hours daily so I will be able to help out when there is barley anyone on. Have you previously been banned or issued points, if so what for: No Post a link to the server rules here:
  5. This is a suggestion thread for feature for the server not the department or its structure/SOP. Please leave all related issues with that out of this thread. Thanks for replying to his message and not turning this into a debate from this point out make it mostly server suggestions.
  6. I'd like it if we got the V-44X Blackfish added to the helicopter/plane shop :)

  7. Like I said it’s something that will be resolved.
  8. I understand that both departments have a lot of things to work on.... BUT you cut out a lot of roleplay if you simply just release patients on scene. Many of the servers I've been on the best RP I've had was in medical custody.
  9. I've added myself to the community streamers=) Hopefully this will allow us to help each other grow and more importantly help the community grow!
  10. I’m gonna hold my comments about the SO/PD and what they do. We are doing the best with the limited resources we have.
  11. Already completed, and also just know that this is open to anyone and is a way for us a community to support one another and see who all plays here!
  12. Have actual training days for the new hires. I'm seeing a lot of medical staff just revive on scene and not taking the rp further at the hospital. This might be something to look into or bring someone in that knows how to train the medical staff properly.
  13. On Hold until more staff positions are open
  14. Can vouch awesome guy awesome staff memeber
  15. On Hold until more staff positions are open
  16. On Hold until more staff positions are open
  17. +1
  18. Name: John Gucci Current Faction (Civ/EMS/PD): Civilian Timezone: Pacific Standard Time How long have you been a member: Less than a day. Why do you want to join the H4VOK Network Staff Team: I would like to join the Havok Network Staff Team because I enjoy this type of work especially when there aren’t many staff members and I feel like I good be a great asset for this community. I feel like this community has great potential and it could go to many places and be one of the best and have one of the best staff teams in Arma communities. What are your two main strengths and weaknesses: Strengths: Dedication Honesty Weaknesses: Over-Work Sometimes too strict to others, if I’m in a administrative position What do you think the staff team could do differently or improve on: I have not been in the community long enough to say what the staff team could do differently or improve on. Do you have any experience as staff, if so list where and at what rank: 1). Reflex Roleplay (Staff Director) 2). Arma 3 Project Life (Executive) 3.) Arma 3 Life (Moderator) 4.) Vanguard Gaming (Administrative Director) 5.) Arma 3 Renegade Gaming (Administrator) 6.) Arma.Network Takistan Life (Senior Administrator) What can you bring to the H4VOK Network Staff Team: I can bring all of my vast experience in being apart of many staff team over the years. Not only have I been apart of staff team but I have led staff teams, I have taught people who have never staffed before and made them very good at what they were supposed to do. I am mature, professional, respectful, authoritative, and very experienced in this type of field. I can also bring many of my training documents, infrastructure ideas, and much more to this staff team to better organize and help structure this staff team if needed. Have you previously been banned or issued points, if so what for: No. Post a link to the server rules here: http://www.h4voknetworks.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4-server-rules/
  19. Title- (Name) - Staff Application Michael Rollie Name: Michael Rollie Current Faction (Civ/EMS/PD): Civ/EMS Timezone: Central How long have you been a member: About a week, but have known the current staff for over a year. Why do you want to join the H4VOK Network Staff Team: Just looking to continue my role as a staff member from our last server. This is something I'm very well versatile at and know how to do my job accurately. What are your two main strengths and weaknesses: Two strengths would be, (Honest, respectful) Weaknesses, (Too nice, hard headed). What do you think the staff team could do differently or improve on: Not much really, so far I've seen some good work done by the staff! Do you have any experience as staff, if so list where and at what rank: I was a CM for our last server with Kieren. What can you bring to the H4VOK Network Staff Team: A hard working staff member, someone who has plenty of staff experience, and someone who is FAIR. Have you previously been banned or issued points, if so what for: Nope. Post a link to the server rules here:
  20. In-Game Name: Mike Vector (EMS char if i get it) Mike Wolfe (Gang Name) TeamSpeak Name: Mike Wolfe Age: 16 Steam UID: 76561198080016620 When did you join the server? 1 Week ago. How many hours do you have on our server? (Min. 3 Hours) around 20 hours. Have you been EMS on any other servers? No, I'm looking forward to trying something different. Why do you want to be part of the EMS Department? (Min. 80 words) I would like to become a part of EMS to save the fallen victims of crime and other things like car accidents. Since there are many gangs and criminals there should be more EMS to save the victims of the crimes they commit. Also I'm looking to try something different i have never been a medic before and it seems like it would be something fun to do. I have experience as a cop from many different cities and I want to keep Lakeside healthy and alive. It is a huge state and there is a lot of places to explore and patrol. I am here to Save and Protect the people of lakeside's lives. I have seen multiple people be killed in front of me and i have killed many people that i regret doing and all I could do is leave the dead bodies and do nothing but regret when I saw what the great ems do I wanted to be a part of EMS so I could be the person who comes to there rescue instead of killing. What can you bring to the EMS Team? (Min. 90 words) I can bring many skills to the EMS Team. I have a lot experience as a member of many other cities police departments although i don't have any experience as a EMS i have seen them do their great work also I have my gang role play i like to get into. I have been playing Arma for a while and I found this server I thought it would be cool if i was to take a shot at being a member of the great EMS. I have done many different things as an officer in Many other servers that are no longer online and that have come back such as ALRP. I know good amounts of general laws and rights to make sure no one Does things that are not approved by the "Gods" and the RP stays Constant and everyone has as much fun as i can as a EMS. I am a Pretty good driver or at least i like to think i am and a Great Pilot. With my experience as an officer in other cites I know how medics are supposed to react around cops and civilians aka be neutral to everyone. Along with all of this in real life I have grown up around fire and Police also EMS my mom is a lifetime member of my towns fire department and She is also an EX-Paramedic. Why should we accept you from others onto the EMS Team? You should thinking about accepting my application from others because I'm new to being a medic i think it would be a great new thing to learn also i love working with a team and all the members of the community. Who is the EMS Director? Tommy Bowman
  21. ------------------------------------------------- With more and more players joining we have been experiencing some lag issues fear not my young warriors I have herd your cry's I have added more RAM to the Server this should now stop lag issues -------------------------------------------------
  22. Make sure to message Marcus Cale and Jaroie both in the same inbox as well so we both receive the love letter.
  23. Trial Staff @Anthony Kilo Moderator @Justin McNel @Sean McGarrett Administrator @Kurt Angle @Fu Showa ----------------------------------------------------------------------- If you did not get promoted, do not feel discouraged. Promotions are based off merit and hard work. Keep doing what you do and you'll get promoted soon enough. Please, message @Marcus Cale or @JAROIE with your UID and a love letter to receive your new permissions on the website, teamspeak, and in game. H4VOK Network Senior Management Team
  24. Hey all- Not trying to step on anyone's toe's but I went ahead and made a Twitch community, for fellow streamers and viewers to find our streams easier. I think this will be a good idea for fellow streamers to network together, find people to host, etc. And I think it will help bring in more people to the community. Here is the link to the community, any and everyone feel free to follow, and if you are a streamer you can add "H4voknetworks" to your community tag when you go live! If anyone would like to be a "moderator" of the group, message me, Salvo, Bucket, O'Shack, or Jeroie (sorry to make you guys mods without asking, if you don't want it we can remove you). Moderating shouldn't be a big issue, unless random streamers are joining the community or trying to intentionally troll which we will deal with. PS-If anyone has an ideas for "rules" or a better description, just post it down below and we will change it. Lets make this the new face of Arma 3 RP!
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