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  1. This is a suggestion thread for feature for the server not the department or its structure/SOP. Please leave all related issues with that out of this thread. Thanks for replying to his message and not turning this into a debate from this point out make it mostly server suggestions.
  2. Viruses/Diseases System This will be a description. This would not Semi-Advanced Medic Different Type of wounds that require different types of items to fully heal a player. Fire System (with Dispatch System) Spawns fires within preset buildings (certain class names), gives you ability to put out fire with extinguisher or truck depending on faction. Civilians can volunteer for FD but are not required to be white-listed on EMS faction. (Could enable fourth Faction but would require unneeded setup). When I fire spawns it would sound a tone file giving a location and size status on the fire. Rescue Truck (Ability to Store Items within Inventory) This truck could have to ability to store items within the Inventory that will allow transport of items that could be used within other systems like the Fire Systems.
  3. This would effect the balance of Gangs vs Police. Limiting would have to be based off a system implemented by the Management team. @JAROIE may be able to talk about this within the community meeting or other time.
  4. Change the name to CCP as that is the proper name for the US.
  5. Time Difference, I have been on the TeamSpeak multiple times and no management other than Ramen have even been active.
  6. How long have you developed for servers on arma 3? Four & a Half Years. Since the release of Arma 3. What do you specialize in within arma 3 Development? Map Creation (Terrain Builder) when it is not a 48k squared map. Vehicle Creation (Code/Models) for private communities. Low End Scripting (Mostly systems that do not require huge database edits and intergrations) Do you understand that you have to be active? (I.E being on once every 4 days is not active.) Yes, I understand that I must be active within the community to be a developer. Do you understand that you will be in a trial developer position for up to two weeks, and if you do not produce content within those two weeks, you may be removed? Yes I understand, but this is a crappy requirement for community creators. Please post any screenshots or proof of your development work, leaving nothing here may result in your application being declined: Current Project: (Porting a Civilian Car) This car was within the game but was broken due to a script that is not outdated. I have been looking into fixing the car for the game once again but haven't due to other project being open. Jackson County (Edits fully game ready and has been optimized) Current Outline of a Planned Man Please contact Jaroie for pictures as he has my whole library of work plus some. I will try to find past work and edit the post. You may ask Ramen, Marcus, Jaroie, and Tyler about my development history.